Magical Memory Card Readers

We have a sublime selection of magical memory card readers from famous brand name manufacturers such as Sandisk, Zoo Specials, Fuji, Lexar, and Inov8. Our Zoo Specials micro machine is an excellent card reader designed specifically for micro SD cards. They are so small that they can be clipped onto a key ring or slid smoothly into a pocket, allow rapid transfer of files, weigh in at a miniscule eight grams, are micro SDHC compatible, and can be used with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating systems as well as Mac OS X v 10.1.2 + . This great little gadget allows you to connect your memory card to your PC or notebook wherever you are in the world at any time and it is available at a ridiculously low price considering its capabilities.
Alternatively, the Inov8 reader is a multi card reader which is compatible with no less than thirteen different cards and allows you to connect your cards to your computer via the USB port in order to transfer your files, music and photographs at breakneck speed. It is a stylish model with a durable rubber base and an attractive metallic mirror finish and even has an integrated internal cable management system.
The Fuji is one of our most popular USB card readers as it is lightweight and extremely compact as well as being very competitively priced. It has the ability to read or write data from your particular memory card directly to your PC without any need for a connection, and this saves time and cash which usually drains away with the battery of your device. It is a dinky little device but facilitates the transfer of picture, music and even video files.